Reports and publications


Mental Health Strategy 2013-2020

What matters to you? A joint mental health strategy for the people of Fife 2013-2020


Journal articles

Viganò, G., Kaunonen, M., Ryan, P., Simpson, W., Dawson, I., Tabak, I., Scherbaum, N., Zanone Poma, S. (2017). Are Different Professionals Ready to Support Children of Parents with Mental Illness? Evaluating the Impact of a Pan-European Training Programme. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 44(2), 304–315.
Tabak, I., Zabłocka-Żytka, L., Ryan, P., Zanone Poma, S., Joronen, K., Viganò, G., Simpson, W., Paavilainen, E., Scherbaum, N., Smith, M., Dawson, I. (2016). Needs, expectations and consequences for children growing up in a family where the parent has a mental illness. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 25(4), 319–329.
Wendy Simpson, Carolyn Brown, Nara Nisbet, Ruth Metcalfe, Zoe Claisse, Lorna Watson (2013). Innovations in Practice: A new model of autism spectrum disorder assessment and diagnosis by multiagency community-based teams in primary schools. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 18(3), 187–190.
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Wendy Simpson, Graham Buchanan, Graham Monteith (2008). Investing in the mental health of Fife: a sustainable model for increasing mental health workforce capacity to help children flourish. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice: Issues for workforce development, 3(4), 11-19.


HandsOnScotland Toolkit reports:

HandsOnScotland Toolkit Post-Launch Evaluation Report (August 2008)
HandsOnScotland Toolkit Pilot Study Report (September 2007)
HandsOnScotland Toolkit Report on Consultation Process (January 2007)


WASP (West-Fife Autism Spectrum Pilot) reports:

Full Report (January 2009)
Executive Summary (January 2009)


Other reports:

Springfield Project Evaluation (2010)
Mindfulness Course Evaluation (2010)
Foster Carers’ Training and Support Needs (March 2009)
The 7 habits of Successful Families Pilot Programme - Evaluation Report (December 2008)
‘Help me help my child’ - A qualitative evaluation of views on support for parents of children with mental health problems (2007)